What is the fixation…

…with rainbow logos…

The 2025 Jubilee Year logo.

Read the article here. Note the part about men embracing each other. Just the ticket to win hearts and minds!

This comes after the Synod logo… which I long to forget.

I don’t think it’s a secret code or anything. I think it’s tone deafness. But blindness often goes together with sin.

And yet somehow, despite the clown car, Christ will be victorious.

One thought on “What is the fixation…

  1. The second the leadership seeks the approval of the laity, the structure begins to break down. I–fallible tho I may be–desire a Church that speaks with authority and isn’t so concerned with “synodality” or any of that. Tell me what is best for me, Shepherds! Don’t ask us sheep what brand of grain we like–we trust you. Please just feed us!

    Logos and branding are all symptoms of this authority inversion. Our leaders seem scared of offending anyone–but offending people is what pops brains and in many cases leads to conversions. Christ has given us a brand rich with meaning–the crucifix. USE THAT. That’s the only thing I need to tell me that the effort is Catholic.


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