The return post…

Eamonn Clark

Dear readers,

After a healthy 9 month hiatus, I am happy to announce my return to blogging.

Of the many things I hope to write about in an adequately engaging way in the next few months (years?), the you-know-what is not going to be one of them. There is enough written about that, with plenty more ink yet to be spilled. That’s probably appropriate for many people to do, but my concerns here will be about other things. I don’t foresee myself mentioning the you-know-what again except in passing and only when necessary for context. Please come by my place when you want to read about something different for a change.

Topics that might be coming down the line this summer range from internet piracy to the creationist reading of Lateran IV to special questions about temperance. It’s a good mix. Stay tuned.

Feel free to reach out through the “contact” tab to have some extended discussion about a post, to slam me for errors, or just to say hi! I always like interacting with readers.

Hopefully we’ll have some good guest posts too!

A presto…
-Eamonn Clark

5 thoughts on “The return post…

  1. Eamonn….so happy you will be writing again now that the thesis is done!! I would like to send this to my bible group and a few personal friends. If they want to subscribe where do they do that as I do not see a subscription button. I already know Fr Martin will be happy to hear that you are writing again!!

    Love, Mom

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  2. Welcome back to the airwaves! Please stay healthy, safe, and cautious! Papa Roach ________________________________


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