I’ve started a business…

Dear Readers,

Please allow me to draw your attention to a company which I have just launched this evening here in Rome: Pro Fide, LLC.

The website is here: www.profide.io

Pro Fide is, to my knowledge, the only company on the planet which specializes in alternative didactic tools for ecclesiastical sciences. At this point, this basically means making cool posters that explain theology and philosophy, etc., but we will be branching out into cell phone applications soon enough. (If you or someone you know has skill in app design and would be interested in this kind of thing, let me know through the Contact tab.)

We also sell some “swag” to help power our mission. There is a large philanthropic element which is connected to these sales in particular – we are in the process of partnering with clergy in some very poor areas around the world who will get a percentage of our profits to use as alms in their own region.

There is a 10% discount code available for academic products – profidelaunch2023! – but it expires in the next few days, so use it while it lasts! Be sure to subscribe to our company’s mailing list to receive other special offers and all our news.

We currently ship to the USA and to Europe. We hope to expand to more markets very soon!

Please be patient with us if there are any bumps in the road with orders. Everything is printed on-demand, and some things you might think would be automatic are actually not at this stage. If there’s any issue, just let us know, and we will work it out.

This has been years in the making. And we are just getting started. Come be part of our first steps as a business, and buy yourself or a friend or your parish priest something from the coolest new Catholic business in the world!

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