My New Year’s Predictions (2023)

Eamonn Clark, STL

Last year’s predictions:

1 – There will still be an indoor mask-mandate in most provinces of Italy after October 1. (Technically, yes – in certain health-care settings, including nursing homes. I’m counting it.)

2 – Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI will live through the year. (Obviously no, not all the way. He died this morning, if you haven’t heard. We pray for his soul – though I doubt he needs it.)

3 – Kyle Rittenhouse will announce lawsuits totaling over $1 billion in claims. (No.)

4 – China will not admit that it had a lab leak in Wuhan. (Yes.)

5 – There will not be a significant military event in Israel and Palestine (no lives lost). (Sadly, no.)

6 – CNN will no longer be on the air. (Sadly, no.)

7 – Google will buy Netflix. (No.)

8 – The Vatican finance trial will not be finished. (Yes.)

9 – UCLA will win March Madness. (No.)

10 – Elon Musk will officially announce a mission to Mars. (No.)

Okay. 3/10. Mediocre at best.

Here’s 2023:

1 – A stalemate/compromise will be formally ratified in a ceasefire/treaty agreement between Ukraine and Russia.

2 – Northern Ireland will announce a referendum on leaving the U.K.

3 – No new American (USA) Cardinals will be named.

4 – There will be a schism in India as a result of the ongoing Syro-Malabar liturgical dispute.

5 – A B-List Hollywood actress will enter religious life.

6 – A personal friend of mine will be chosen for the episcopacy.

7 – The Pontifical Academy for Life will not have any more abortion supporters added to its membership roster.

8 – No encyclicals will be promulgated by Pope Francis.

9 – I will be able to do a planche for at least 5 seconds.

10 – The Mets will win the World Series.

Happy New Year!

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