There Are Only Four Pro-Choice Arguments

In the wake of the monumental overruling of Roe v. Wade in the USA, I offer a “reblog” of this old post on the 4 pro-choice arguments… it is more important than ever to know how to talk about this issue reasonably – with those who are open to discussion at all.

Christian Renaissance Movement

Eamonn Clark, STL

Naturally, being a moralist who is active in western society, I have encountered and thought a lot about various arguments in favor of the “pro-choice” position. Summarizing all of the arguments, we find that there are really only four; while they can be mixed together, they are nonetheless discernible in basically every argument ever made in favor of the “right” to have an abortion, or that abortion is morally acceptable. And yes, they are each erroneous. Let’s go through them: they are the physical (or biological) error, the metaphysical error, the ethical error, and the metaethical error.

The Physical Error

The first error is that the fetus is not a distinct living organism. Any biologist can debunk this. If the fetus is not a distinct living organism, there is no such thing. It is true that there is a physical connection through the umbilical cord, but first…

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