My New Year’s Predictions

It’s about that time.

How did I do last year?

1 – The Salesians, the second largest religious order in the world at about 14,800, will come within 1,000 members of the Jesuits (about 16,000) (NO)

2 – There will be a new most-viewed video on YouTube (YES – Baby Shark FTW!)

3 – Jordan Peterson will convert to Christianity (NO – not yet, but seeming very close…)

4 – I will complete the “Bring Sally Up” pull-up challenge (NO – haven’t bothered trying…)

5 – Ven. Fulton Sheen’s beatification will be (re-)announced (NO)

6 – It will not snow in Rome (YES)

7 – Bougainville will gain its national independence (NO)

8 – The Buccaneers will win the Superbowl (YES)

9 – No new voting-age American cardinals will be created (YES – in fact, no new cardinals were created at all)

10 – Another James Damore-type incident will happen in Big Tech (NO)

4/10… let’s see if we can do better this time.

1 – There will still be an indoor mask-mandate in most provinces of Italy after October 1.

2 – Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI will live through the year.

3 – Kyle Rittenhouse will announce lawsuits totaling over $1 billion in claims.

4 – China will not admit that it had a lab leak in Wuhan.

5 – There will not be a significant military event in Israel and Palestine (no lives lost).

6 – CNN will no longer be on the air.

7 – Google will buy Netflix.

8 – The Vatican finance trial will not be finished.

9 – UCLA will win March Madness.

10 – Elon Musk will officially announce a mission to Mars.

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