7 Reasons Why We Needed the Ascension

A post from last year… Happy Ascension Thursday Sunday!

Christian Renaissance Movement

Eamonn Clark

Bertrand Russell, perhaps the most famously atheist man of the 20th century, was asked on his deathbed what he would say to God if he met Him when he died. Russell said, “Sir, why did you take such pains to hide yourself?” Among the many objections to the Christian Faith, and to revealed religion in general, is this: that God does not make Himself evident enough. It is an understandable difficulty – if God is so good and wants people to know Him, why does He not make Himself more openly available? Clearly, the Ascension invites this question, especially when combined with the limited appearances of the risen Christ… He appeared to the Apostles, some other close disciples, and a nondescript large group in Jerusalem. Why not to as many as possible? The Romans? The Greeks? The Native Americans? (Thus the attractiveness of the Mormon doctrine that Jesus…

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2 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why We Needed the Ascension

  1. Great stuff bro!!!

    “If He remained, it would have been tempting to ignore the action of the Holy Spirit which moves us towards the spiritual union with Christ, that union which is called charity…”

    Awesome! So important. I think we need to focus on this in many areas such as prayer, music in the liturgy, active participation… remembering that it should all be focused on coming to deeper union with Christ.

    God bless


  2. I found the text
    very place to which we aspire, where He is preparing a
    place for us with Him.

    thought provoking

    Want a follow up on this statement!!!!


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