Dear Reader,

Thank you for considering the submission of your hard work for publication at CRM. We appreciate your interest. Please take note of the following:

  1. We do not publish unsolicited content from anonymous or pseudonymous authors. In the body of your submission email, please give us your name and a few brief items to display in a short bio. We encourage you to include any degrees relevant to the content you are submitting. Example: “My name is Joe Schmoe. I’m an architect from Greenland. I enjoy playing racquetball with my 19 kids. I have a B.A. in religious studies from Prestigious College.” This information will be publicly attached to your published submission. Don’t lie.
  2. If you are a cleric, a religious, or are in a canonical formation program for Holy Orders, including the permanent diaconate, please note this explicitly. Please also give sufficient detail to identify you personally. Example: “Fr. John Smith, from the Diocese of Happytown, currently the pastor of St. Aldegonde in Tall Springs, GA,” will be enough.
  3. If you are in a canonical formation program for Holy Orders, including the permanent diaconate, or you are a religious under temporary vows, you must note that you have obtained appropriate permission to publish your submitted content and from whom you obtained it. Use your brain to tell you which superior(s) ought to be consulted and how often you ought to make submissions given your circumstances. (We do not accept submissions from postulants or novices – go help do the dishes and embrace the call to obscurity.)
  4. Unsolicited submissions should be between 1,000 – 2,500 words. Shorter and longer contributions will be considered. If you are submitting a series, it should be complete at the time of submission and should generally not exceed three parts, though it may contain somewhat lengthier posts.
  5. We generally do not publish essays on “hot-button” issues which directly or even indirectly critique particular actions or statements of individual public figures, especially clergy. Exceptions can be made if the author is extraordinarily gracious and insightful.
  6. Book reviews are welcome. Personal/experiential reflections are also welcome, provided they are not too personal. Also, see rule #5.
  7. We encourage the tasteful use of pictures, gifs, links, and so on. Simply note where you would want such content to go if you are unsure of how to do the formatting.
  8. Expect a response to your submission within about a week, indicating whether or not we would like to publish your content. Accepted submissions will be subject to editing, which will be coordinated with the author. Edits to content will only be published with the approval of the original author, except for the correction of obvious typographical or technical errors. Authors retain the rights to their submitted text after publication. We will always notify an author of the scheduled publish date of his or her submitted work at least 24 hours in advance.
  9. Individual authors should generally not have more than three posts at a time submitted for consideration. This includes posts in a series.
  10. Note that any post, at any time, may be removed by an administrator without the approval of the author, for any reason and without explanation. An author may request the removal of his or her work at any time, which will always be respected as soon as possible. An author may request an edit of his or her work at any time, and this will be considered. Authors will be notified of any changes made to their published content except for obvious typographical or technical errors.
  11. This is not an academic journal. If a submission is mostly too complex or specialized for the average, well-educated, Catholic adult to understand, it is not for CRM. We are also not looking for content which would be of merely “academic interest.”
  12. This is not a political blog. Neither secular nor ecclesial politics “per se” are relevant to the mission of CRM. When in doubt, see rule #5.
  13.  Homilies, school papers, and talks given at retreats or conferences will usually make good starting points but will probably need some touching up to work. Take a look at previously published articles for a general idea of what we are looking for in terms of content and tone.
  14. Use common sense with regard to plagiarism. This is not an academic journal, but it is also not a casual conversation. Do not copy and paste someone else’s work without appropriate attribution (or permission). The main image which appears at the top of a post should usually be credited as well. Beyond this, just try to be basically fair. Please also tell us if your content has been presented publicly in digital or printed form elsewhere, such as your own website, including audio. Editorial responses to questionable content will be made on a case-by-case basis.
  15. We publish in the English language only.
  16. Email your submission to us in a Microsoft Word document.

You will find our email address below, where you may also contact us for other appropriate reasons.

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We look forward to hearing from you!
-CRM’s Editorial Team



Main image: Adoration of the Magi, Jan de Bray, oil on canvas, 1674